Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday.   This is a movement to raise awareness of the importance of small businesses to our society.   For every $100 spent at small businesses, $68 is returned to the community.    One way to help a small business thrive in this down economy is to click here, a link to my Green Irene page, or the on the Green Irene link on the right side of this page.   Here you can purchase all things environmentally friendly.   Items range from soy candles,   children’s items such as a toy recycling truck or non-toxic soy crayons, non-toxic cleaners,  a carbon monoxide detector, compostable sugar cane plates and much more.  You can also purchase services such as a Green Home Makeover or a Green Business Certification.  Please let your friends know about Green Irene.  I appreciate your support.  

Please don’t forget other small businesses in Greeley such as Mariposa Flowers and Gifts, Your Place Coffee, or Your House in Order.


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