24 Free Ways to Save Money & Energy Immediately

1. Use natural light and heat. Do this by allowing the sun to enter in the winter, and block out the summer sun by using your curtains or shades.

2. Arrange furniture to take advan­tage of natural light from windows. Place desks and chairs by windows to cut down the use of artificial light dur­ing the daylight.

3. A 10° decrease in you thermostat can cut your heating bill by as much as 20%.Turn your heat down when you leave your home and when you are sleeping.

4. Wear a sweater in the winter when you are home, and keep the thermo­stat at 68°.

5. In the summer, set your thermostat for 78°, or use a couple of fans instead of your air conditioner.

6. Close doors and vents to rooms not being used.

7. Keep leaves and debris away from your air conditioner condenser and keep the condenser coils clean.

8. In the summer, run heat producing appliances such as the dishwasher, clothes washer, and dryer at off peak hours.

9. Turn off your computer or put it to sleep. This will save up to 80% of the electricity your computer uses.

10. If you wash your dishes by hand, fill the sink, do not let the water run. You will use less water and less energy to heat the water.

11. When you use your dishwasher, do not pre­rinse. This can save 20 gallons of heated water a day. An enzyme-based detergent will clean the dishes.

12. Use an air dry cycle on your dishwasher rather than drying with heat. (or open the door to dry).

13. Set the thermostat on the water heater to 120° or “low” setting.

14. Un-plug every thing that is easy to reach. Minis­cule amounts of energy are discharged even when not turned on. Examples are: curling iron, hair dryer, coffee pot, toaster ovens, toasters, chargers for your cell phone, lamps that are not used often, lap top computer, and other electrical toys.

15. Turn off lights, TV and radio when not in use.

16. Keep your refrigerator full. It uses less energy. Minimize the amount of time that the door is open.

17. Vacuum the coils of your refrigerator and clean the door seals. Make sure the seals are tight.

18. Position your refrigerator away from heat sources such as a dish­washer, oven , or direct sunlight.

19.   Washing clothes in cold water consumes 80·85% less  energy.

20. Hang clothes  to dry, or use your dryer but take clothes, out of dryer when slightly damp and hang to complete drying.,

21. Use your crock pot to simmer food.    Don’t use the oven when a toaster oven or microwave will do.

22. Turn off water when brushing your teeth and/ or shaving.

23. Take short showers.

24.  Check out www.energystar.gov for more information.




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